3-30-07 Turnitin getting Turned Off?

March 30, 2007

A group of students is suing the antiplagarism company TurnItIn.com and may actually have a case.  It's too bad that they're all missing the point about cheating.  Conferences are up for discussion as is a peak into the Physics Classroom.

3-16-07 Occupying FNP

March 16, 2007

Should teachers use hot button words like "Liberation" or "Occupation" when teaching the current events in Iraq?  What schedules work best?  How did the MME testing go this week?  Pull up a chair, have a pint and find out.  Email welcome at FNPTeacher@yahoo.com

Podcast Alley

March 10, 2007

Feel free to vote or comment at Podcast Alley as well:

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3-9-07 The First Friday Night Pints

March 10, 2007

Just a little introduction to me, this podcast and this week's highs and lows.  Feel free to send me a comment by way of FNPTeacher@yahoo.com.  Thanks to Great Big Sea for the intro/outros; find out more about them here.

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